You Follow Me

Jesus gives final instruction to his disciples.

We Have Seen the Lord

John 20:24–29 LEB
The disciples are struggling to believe what they are seeing. John 20:29 (LEB)  Jesus said to him, “Because you have seen me, have you believed? Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.”

By Believing You May Have Life in His Name

John 20:30–31 LEB
This is the reason that Jesus came, that we might have life. And this is also the reason these things are recorded. John 20:31 (LEB) but these things are recorded in order that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by* believing you may have life in his name.

As we read, we believe and life comes.

I Am Going Fishing

John 21:1–7
What do you do when the last three years of your life end in a horrible death of the one you put your hope in. Peter’s faith was in Jesus, the man he walked with and he didn’t yet understand the promise of God that was being fulfilled right in front of him.

And, the others went with him.

Come, Eat Breakfast

John 21:8–14 LEB
They went fishing to get away, to occupy themselves in their time of sorrow. And, what does Jesus do? Tracks them down, cooks them breakfast, and fills their net with fish.

Feed my lambs, Shepherd my sheep, Feed my sheep

Jn 21:15–19 LEB
Jesus explained to Peter that it wasn’t any longer about what Peter needed. And, it wasn’t any longer about their relationship together. It was about Jesus sheep, his people.

You Follow Me

Jn 21:20–23 LEB
We each have our own path to follow, our own life to lead. Why not work on the plan and purpose God has for us and let others work on theirs. Yes, there are some things for us to do together, but when Peter, in John 21:21 said “What about this one?”, Jesus responded in John 21:22 “What is that to you?”. In other words, mind your own business!

How often do we want others to be doing what God called us to do?

His Testimony is True

John 21:24–25 LEB
These things were written for our benefit by those that were there. What things have we witnessed that we can testify about? God is still confirming his word with signs following.

Study Verses

  • John 20:30–31
  • John 21:1–7
  • John 21:20–23

Daily Reading

  • John 20:24-31
  • John 21:1-25