Support Our Work

There are several ways you can support our work.

Financial Support

Certainly, financial support is important and we appreciate your one time or monthly recurring contributions. These donations are essential in our ability to maintain basic services like this simple WordPress web site and the Mautic marketing software that we use to manage our email devotions and contact information. Make a donation:

Social Media Support

Since we don’t carry the cost of a cell phone or SMS service that would allow us to send text messages as is common practice today, we are dependent on word of mouth from those that are benefiting from our messages and material. At the moment, there is no twitter (requires cell phone for validation) or Facebook or Instagram on our end. So, you can help us by forwarding our devotions to others or by simply inviting others to subscribe.

Support Ministry Contacts Directly

There are a number of ministries, some in Kenya and India for example, that operate on very limited support. Several have asked for help feeding the children in their care. Our purpose is simply to connect you directly to a need if you are willing to help. Please Contact Us.