Don’t Be Afraid, Only Believe

Not everyone receives the words of Jesus, those that do, are healed.

Go in Peace and Be Well

Mk 5:21–34
A ruler of the synagogue implored Jesus, come for my daughter! And Jesus, because of his request, went with him. On the way, a woman touched Him and was healed. There was no conscious effort on Jesus part to heal her. She simply believed, pressed through the crowd, and was healed.

  • But she was unclean “according to Leviticus 15:19–33 would have made the woman ceremonially unclean—preventing her from worshiping in the temple or joining her people in everyday activities”1.
  • And, she was also unable to find any help. There was no cure, no treatment, no hope until she heard about Jesus.

Then something happened to her, she had an idea, she thought, If I touch Him, I will be healed. She knew He was able. She knew He was willing and she reached passed her uncleanness to touch Him. She did it afraid, trembling, and “the whole truth” about her life came out it in front of everyone. Then, Jesus responded with great grace saying, “go in peace and be well”.

And this is what it says in Ro 10:17 faith comes by hearing, and hearing through the word about Christ. And this is why we read that Jesus was teaching the people. They had to hear the good news of the gospel.

See “The Touch”, a C. H. Spurgeon sermon at

Don’t Be Afraid, Only Believe

Mk 5:35–43
Meanwhile, Jairus is waiting impatiently while Jesus is dealing with this woman and then the news comes to Jairus, “Your daughter has died”. Jesus responds by saying, “Don’t be afraid-only believe!” Jesus asked Jairus to believe that He could, and would, heal his daughter. This is the same thing Jesus said to Martha in John 11:26 “and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die forever. Do you believe this?” 2

Now though, Jesus is careful to only bring a few close disciples with Him. And, when he arrives, He dismisses the “agitated and weeping”. Then, with the child’s parents, Peter, James, and John, he takes her hand and says, “get up”.

We don’t seem to have trouble believing in eternal life, but resurrection is harder for us. Yet, Jairus daughter and Lazarus are just two of the biblical examples of what it says in Hebrews 11:35 “Women received back their dead by resurrection” 3

He Was Not Able to do Any Miracle in That Place

Mk 6:1–6
These people in Jesus home town were only able to see Him as the carpenter’s son. To them, he was just the brother of James and … Their unbelief hindered His ability. Others though, knew Him for who He was, and we see Peter answering in Mark 8:29 “You are the Christ”. But, Jesus knew that not everyone would receive His words.

Shake Off The Dust

Mk 6:7–13
After being rejected, He intensified His efforts and commissioned the twelve. He told them, if people won’t listen, move on. And, this is still good instruction for us today. We don’t know if there were places the disciples weren’t received, there isn’t any focus on the unbelief. What is recorded in Mark 6:13 is “that they were expelling demons and healing people”. So, don’t be afraid. Don’t be stopped by opposition. Only believe!

A Righteous and Holy Man

Mk 6:14–20
This was Herod’s assessment of John the Baptist and Mk 6:20 says Herod listened to him gladly. But it also says that Herod was perplexed because John confronted him with his sin. Herod had overstepped by marrying his brothers wife.

Ask Me For Whatever You Want

Mk 6:21–29
How did Herod get to the place where he misused his authority to kill John? Mk 6:26 answers most of it but the first step down this path was when he married his brothers wife. Now, he had her influence, and her daughters, to deal with. He made a bad oath based on momentary pleasure. And, he wanted approval of the people around him.

Study Verses

  • Mk 5:21–34
  • Mk 5:35–43
  • Mk 6:1–6
  • Mk 6:7–13

Daily Reading

  • Mark 5:21-43
  • Mark 6:1-29


All Bible verses are Lexham English Bible (LEB) unless noted.


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