Have Faith in God

Jesus gathers his scattered sheep, his disciples, and commissions them.

The Eleven Disciples Went into Galilee

Matthew 28:16–20 LEB
We find here, the commission Jesus gave at the end of the gospels. And, we might think that the disciples were ready to go after their three years of ministry with Jesus. But, look at what it says here in vs 17 “When they saw him they worshipped him, but some doubted”. This idea that Jesus died, and rose again to ascend to heaven and take His place at the right hand of the Father, that was a lot to take in. They had just seen him crucified. Their doubt didn’t slow Jesus down in the least, He said, well, let’s read vs 18, 19, 20 “All authority has been given … Go …”.

Whatsoever You Pray and Ask for, Believe

Mark 11:22–25 LEB
Jesus had taught them how they should individually pray because here he said, “whosoever” which is any one person and then goes on to say “he”, which is any individual. This is spoken by Jesus to instruct each of us individually. Let’s look at the words Jesus spoke.

  1. Have faith in God
  2. Whosever shall say …
  3. Believe that what he saith cometh to pass
  4. He shall have it

Notice that He doesn’t say pray or ask here. He says, “whosoever shall say”. What you say matters. And, these things we say are to the world around us.

Then He says, therefore

  1. Whatsoever ye pray and ask for
  2. Believe that you receive them
  3. You shall have them
  4. And, whensoever ye stand praying, forgive

These are things we say to God. These are the words of faith. These are the words that begin with the delegated authority God has given us and puts everything under the power of God to perform His word.

Again here, Jesus is talking about specific issues that are to be dealt with by you as an individual.

And we, in the Church have made a major point of this personal accountability with God. When I seek God, I will find Him. When I call on God, He will answer. And salvation is a personal choice that no one can make for you, will you accept Christ as savior and Lord?

But there is one more thing to consider, What is God saying to us?

He Charged Them, Wait for the Promise

Acts 1:4–5 LEB

The final command through his earthly ministry with his disciples happened as Jesus gathered them together as a group. He didn’t want them scattered here and there. And we all recognize the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that occurred, but it didn’t happened until they came together in one place.

It is then that we see thousands added to the Church. We see Peter walking down the street and people are healed by his shadow. What happened to them? Certainly, it was the baptism in the Holy Ghost but I think also, it was their coming together to build the Church, the body of believers in Jerusalem and outward from there.

  • They went to the temple at the hour of prayer and the lame man was healed
  • People sold land and gave it to the Church
  • The Church ministered to the widows, it wasn’t happening in the temple.

And now, God added to the Church daily.

Study Verses

  • Matthew 28:16–20
  • Mark 11:22–25
  • Acts 1:4-5

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Have Faith in God