About Tell One

Tell One is on a mission to share the gospel around the world. This is accomplished through individual, local, state and national initiatives that inspire individual proclamation of the “Good News” of Jesus Christ.

Join us in establishing http://tellone.org as a rally point for Christians interested in furthering the gospel. With support from prayer partners and fellow Christians, Tell One is teaching and mentoring people to share their faith in God through Jesus Christ.

Registered users can go to your dashboard to update your profile and content.

Here are a few sample Devotions

  • The Gospel is the Power of God for Salvation July 27, 2018
    Paul has been diligent with the people of the Corinthian Church, yet there are still some that challenge him for proof that Christ speaks in him. He doesn’t take the bait of defending himself, instead he tells them “test yourselves”. It is more important for them to have their hearts right with God than it ...
  • Rise Up O Judge of the Earth December 24, 2018
    There is water in Ezekiel 47:1 “coming out from under the threshold of the temple eastward” and it brings life wherever it flows. There is an abundance of fish and trees “its fruit will be as food, and its leaf for healing.” in Ezekiel 47:12. And, there is a design for the temple, the place ...
  • I Am For Peace They Are For War December 6, 2018
    There are those around us that are against us with in Psalm 120:2 “lying lips from a deceitful tongue”. There is a recognition that in Psalm 120:2 “I sojourn in … I dwell among” people that do not know God and do not want peace. As the captives are now taken to Babylon, they are ...
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