Minister: Reverend Joseph Cohen

For the last 30 years, Rev. Cohen has been preaching the Word of God. His messages to the body of Christ are uplifting, encouraging, challenging and convicting. Signs and wonder frequently follow his preaching. The Holy Spirit has led him to Canada, Venezuela, Trinidad, Grenada, Puerto Rico, and many states to minister God’s Word.

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Until He Comes

Until He Comes

There are times and seasons in God’s plan. The Law of Moses was the connection with God’s plan until Jesus came on the scene. Jesus went around doing good and healing as He demonstrated God’s love, character and nature. Jesus…

One Body

Rev Joseph Cohen

By some accounts, there are 2.2 billion Christians, and 1.1 billion of them are Catholics, then there are other religions that name the name of God, and then there are other religions. What does the Bible say about being a…