They Must Always Pray

We all want immediate answers, we want justice in the world. Jesus reminds his disciples that judgement is coming. But he uses Noah and Lot as examples. Both lived in the midst of sinful people and it seemed there would never be an answer, that is, until the day the answer came. It may have seemed that everyone else was right, until the day the rains came and Noah shut the door of the ark. Then Jesus explains the difference between those that are righteous in themselves and those that humble themselves before God. Jesus heads to Jerusalem for the feast, but delays his arrival. He doesn’t want to ride the wave of public accolades that would promote him. He has come to give his life to pay the price for all sin. 

They Must Always Pray and Not be Discouraged

Luke 18:1–8
Jesus had just reminded them of Noah, and Lot who lived in the midst of sinful generations. These men and their families endured the culture of sin around them until the day of God’s judgement. Then, they were exonerated, freed from the effects of sin and of sinful people. Now, Jesus tells them in Like 18:1 “that they must always pray and not be discouraged”. We often wonder why we don’t get an answer when we pray. It isn’t that God is not listening or that he does not hear, it is that there are other people and their lives are also involved. Jesus says though, keep praying for God’s will, God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. God will answer. He just says to ask, and keep on asking. 

This Man Went to His House Justified

Luke 18:9–14
This is a record of two men. One, a “Pharisee stood and prayed these things with reference to himself: ‘God, I give thanks to you that I am not like other people—swindlers, unrighteous people, adulterers, or even like this tax collector! I fast twice a week; I give a tenth of all that I get.’ This man prayed his list of righteous acts, his works to show his superior position over others. The other man, a tax collector, a sinner said “God, be merciful to me, a sinner!’”. This man placed himself in God’s merciful hands, this man was justified before God.

No One Does Anything in Secret

John 7:1–5
Jesus brothers are encouraging him to publicize what he is doing in

John 7:4 (LEB) For no one does anything in secret and yet he himself desires to be ⌊publicly recognized⌋. If you are doing these things, reveal yourself to the world!”

But that is the way of the world. Jesus wasn’t looking for the public wave of acceptance and acknowledgement that would raise his status to be seen by all as the King of the Jews. 

No One Was Speaking Openly About Him

John 7:6–13
People were expecting Jesus to be at the feast, he had always come before. The Jews were looking to find him. The people were debating about who he was as often happens of people in the public eye. But these were all whispers in John 7:13 “for the fear of the Jews”, and “They had good reason to be afraid, because ‘the Jews’ had decided to put anyone who acknowledged Jesus as Messiah out of the synagogue (9:22; 12:42; 16:2)”.1

How Does This Man Possess Knowledge

John 7:14–24
So, Jesus delayed his departure for Jerusalem to arrive secretly. Then, in

John 7:14 (LEB) Now when the feast was already half over, Jesus went to the temple courts and began to teach.

Jesus has avoided the noise of the crowd and shows up unannounced and begins teaching whoever is there. And those that hear him in John 7:15 “were astonished” because “Jesus was not known to have been a disciple of any of the leading rabbis, yet his teaching reflected extraordinary learning and this made a huge impression upon the hearers (45–46)”.2 Jesus responds to them, in

John 7:16 (LEB) So Jesus answered them and said, “My teaching is not mine, but is from the one who sent me.

I Am From Him and He Sent Me

John 7:25–36
In John 7:32 “The Pharisees heard the crowd murmuring … ”

The One Who Believes in Me

John 7:37–39
In John 7:38 “Out of his belly will flow rivers of living water”.

This Man is the Christ!

John 7:40–53
John 7:46 (LEB) The officers replied, “Never has a man spoken like this!”

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Today’s Reading

  • Luke 18:1-14
  • John 7:1-53

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