Look, Your Salvation is Coming!

The Lord has declared salvation for Zion, for Jerusalem and he will change their name from “Forsaken” and from “Desolate” and “his reward is with him”. There is though, in his path, the “day of vengeance”, the year of “blood-vengeance”, the winepress of the wrath of God against all those that rebel and refuse righteousness. But for those that remember him, those that call on him he says in Isaiah 64:5 “You meet with the one who rejoices, one who does righteousness”. And this is not only for the children of Israel, but also for all that call on the name of Jesus Christ as it says in Acts 2:21 And it will be that everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.’

I am Yahweh Your Savior, and Your Redeemer

Isaiah 60:12–22

Proclaim the Year of Yahweh’s Favor

Isaiah 61:1–11 

Look, Your Salvation is Coming!

Isaiah 62:1–12
The Lord has declared Jerusalem as his. He has the throne of David forever and now he says in

Isaiah 62:1 For the sake of Zion I will not be silent, and for the sake of Jerusalem I will not maintain a quiet attitude, until her righteousness goes out like the bright light, and her salvation burns like a torch.

The reputation will change and in Isaiah 62:4 “No longer … Forsaken … no longer … Desolation!” but this land will be “Married”. But not just married, “married—to Jehovah as its Lord and Husband: implying not only ownership, but protection on the part of the Owner”.1

“The emptied city and the wasted land become the objects of delight (4ce), devotion (4df) and joy (5). The new names Hephzibah (‘My delight is in her’, NIV MG.) and Beulah (‘Married’, NIV MG.) are explained in the two halves of verse 5: respectively the wedding and the honeymoon”.2

This marriage will not be in secret, this salvation will be shouted out for all to see in

Isaiah 62:11 Look! Yahweh has proclaimed to the end of the earth: Say to daughter Zion, “Look, your salvation is coming! Look, his reward is with him, and his reward before him.


It is I, Speaking in Justice

Isaiah 63:1–6
There is always this separation, the people of God’s favor, and those who have rebelled and made themselves enemies of God. And they, the enemies of God, see one coming from Edom who says in Isaiah 63:1 “It is I, speaking in justice, mighty to save!”. But he is blood red stained from the judgement against them. They are Edom and “Edom is the ceaseless foe (Amos 1:11), typical of David’s victories (2 Sam. 8:13–14), the final, eschatological enemy (34:5; Ezek. 35). Just as the Servant is David (55:3), so the Anointed One comes now like David as the Victor over Edom”.3

This “day of vengeance”, this “year of blood-vengeance” spoken of in Isaiah 63:4 is much like the final harvest taken in

Revelation 14:19 “And the angel swung his sickle into the earth and harvested the vine of the earth, and threw the grapes* into the great winepress of the wrath of God”.

but this only happens after Jesus reaps the harvest of the earth. These are the people of God’s favor, those who heard and accepted the gift of life, the blood of Christ given for our sin in

Revelation 14:16 “And the one seated on the cloud swung his sickle on the earth, and the earth was reaped”.


Our Redeemer From of Old is Your Name

Isaiah 63:7–19
We sometimes have a religious mind about God and how he operates. He is all powerful, He is eternal, and then there are places like this where He had an expectation of good that was not fulfilled. Look at

Isaiah 63:8 And he said, “Surely my people are children; they will not break faith.” And he became a Savior to them.

The Lord did set before them blessing and cursing. He did give them instruction in the way of life. And He did lead them by a column of smoke during the day and a pillar of fire by night “And he said, surely … they will not break faith”. Think about this now, Did the Lord send Moses to deliver the people from Egypt so they could wander in the wilderness for forty years? No, He led them out to take them into their promised land. So what happened? It happened then and it can happen even to us in our day, in

Isaiah 63:10 But they were the ones who rebelled, and they grieved his Holy Spirit, so he became an enemy to them; he himself fought against them.

But this was not the end, in Isaiah 63:10 “Then his people remembered …” the people began to ask, “where is the one …”. And He was there to be found by them. He was there ready to restore. Ask Him now, Lord, forgive us, set us back on the path of righteousness. Lead us again in Jesus name.

Make Your Name Known

Isaiah 64:1–12
The Lord is always there. The Lord is always ready. After the resurrection of Jesus Christ it says in

Hebrews 7:25 “Therefore also he is able to save completely those who draw near to God through him, because he always lives in order to intercede on their behalf”.

However, we must first come to him as it says in

Hebrews 11:6 Now without faith it is impossible to please him, for the one who approaches God must believe that he exists and is a rewarder of those who seek him.

And as we come to Him, He responds in

Isaiah 64:5 “You meet with the one who rejoices, one who does righteousness”.

I Spread Out My Hands All Day

Isaiah 65:1–8

Study Verses

Today’s Reading

  • Isaiah 60:12-22
  • Isaiah 61:1-11
  • Isaiah 62:1-12
  • Isaiah 63:1-19
  • Isaiah 64:1-12
  • Isaiah 65:1-5


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