Drink From It All of You

Jesus and his disciples gather in Jerusalem for the Passover feast. They have prepared a place for them to have a meal together and as they all get settled, Jesus says one of you will betray me. They are all asking, is it me? Surely not. Then Jesus gives Judas the bread and tells him “What you are doing, do quickly”. Judas is on his way. During this meal, Jesus takes bread and blesses it and breaks and gives it to them, has done this before. Then he takes the cup and says this is the covenant, his blood for their sin and he says, “Drink from it, all of you” and the message hasn’t changed. Have you taken from the cup he offers? It is the only way to be reconciled with God.

Jesus Will Be Betrayed

Mark 14:18-21
Matthew 26:21-25
Luke 22:21-23
John 13:21-30 

One of You Who is Eating With Me

Mark 14:18–21
Jesus had his enemies, but it was one that was close to him that betrayed him. It was “while they were reclining at table and eating” in Mark 14:18-19 that he tells them, “it is one of the twelve”. By saying this, Jesus “exonerates the other members at the Passover meal. The likely suspects, in other words, are dismissed, and all the intimate companions—they whose very hands have been in Jesus’ bowl—are suspect”.1 

Surely I Am Not He

Matthew 26:21–25
The twelve apostles were all saying, “Surely I am not he, am I Lord” and Judas also joins in Matthew 26:25. Jesus answers Judas “You have said it.”

Jesus had waited until after they had settled. He gave them time to talk about the issues of the day. He gave them time to enjoy their meal. He waited for that quiet moment near the end of a good meal and then as Morris notes, about Matthew 26:21 “Matthew passes over all that took place until the time when Jesus made his startling announcement. He prefaced it with the solemn “Truly I tell you” (see on 5:18); what he was about to say was important, and he did not want any of them to miss it”.2

Woe to That Man

Luke 22:21–23
God has a plan to redeem mankind. Jesus will give his life as Luke 22:22 says, “the Son of Man is going according to what has been determined”. But the response of the twelve wasn’t “how can we intervene and stop this?”. Instead it was finger pointing and “debate with one another”. How often do we react like this and miss the whole point of what is happening.

What You Are Doing, Do Quickly!

John 13:21–30
Even though Jesus had spoken openly to them about the betrayal, they still didn’t understand. Judas leaves them, in John 13:30 and is on his way to the chief priests to gather those that would take Jesus.

Who Is the Greatest

Luke 22:24–30
We know that on the way to Jerusalem the mother of James and John had come to him asking for her son’s to be seated at Jesus right and left hand. And, now they continue their dispute in Luke 22:24, “which of them was recognized as being greatest”. Jesus responds in John 22:26 “but you are not like this”, meaning not like “the King’s of the Gentiles”.

The Lord’s Supper

Mark 14:22-26
Matthew 26:26-29
Luke 22:15-20

While They Were Eating

Mark 14:22–26
In Mark 14:22 “he took bread and, after giving thanks, he broke it and gave it to them and said, Take it, this is my body”. And in Mark 14:24 “he said to them, “This is my blood of the covenant which is poured out for many”. 

Drink From It, All of You

Matthew 26:26–29
Jesus tells them in

Matthew 26:28 “for this is my blood of the covenant which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins”.

But before this, in

Matthew 26:26-27 Now while they were eating Jesus took bread and, after giving thanks, he broke it, and giving it to the disciples, he said, “Take, eat, this is my body.” 27 And after taking the cup and giving thanks he gave it to them, saying, “Drink from it, all of you.

They had seen him break bread and bless it before, and it fed 5,000 and again he fed 4,000. Now, he explains the blood of the covenant, blessed, broken and given for the sin of the world, and it is more than enough.

Do This in Remembrance of Me

Luke 22:15–20
Jesus emphasizes the importance of this Passover meal and “The Passover was not just another meal, but a most important festival. It must be eaten reclining, and there were requirements such as the eating of bitter herbs. Thus quite an amount of preparation was necessary. The meal was not a solitary one, but was eaten in companies usually comprising ten to twenty persons”.3

But Jesus says one thing more, in

Luke 22:16 (LEB) 16 For I tell you that I will not eat it until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God.”

He wants them to continue, and top remember, because there is coming a day when we will be together with him again.

Peter’s Denial

Matthew 26:31-35
Mark 14:27-31

Study Verses

Today’s Reading

  • Matthew 26:21-35
  • Mark 14:18-31
  • Luke 22:15-30
  • John 13:21-30

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