Come Out of the Man

The crowds had been thronging Jesus and He tells his disciple, lets go to the other side (of the sea of Galilee). When they arrive, a demon possessed man comes to meet him and he speaks to the demon “saying come out of the man”. The demon argues with him so Jesus asks his name and he responds “legion” because there were many. They ask to go into ta nearby herd of swine and Jesus agrees. As soon as the do, they drive the herd of swine into the sea and they drown. The demon possessed man has been set free. And, the people of the region ask Jesus to leave. They had no idea the good that God had done for them.

Demon Possessed Man Encountered

Mark 5:1-8
Matthew 8:28-29
Luke 8:26-31

A Man With an Unclean Spirit Went to Meet Him

Mark 5:1–8
Jesus purposely went to this region. As he arrived, in Mark 5:2-7, a demon possessed man came to Jesus “and knelt down before him”. This man was uncontrollable. He was wild, “no one was strong enough to subdue him”. And he was “crying out and cutting himself”. Today, we would say he was a danger to himself and to others. But he knew “Jesus, Son of the Most High God”.

No One Was Able to Pass

Matthew 8:28–29
Matthew 8:28 tells us there were two men, and they were “very violent, so that no one could pass”. And in Matthew 8:29 “they cried out … Have you come here to torment us before the time?” We learn here that there are unclean spirits that have a right to be in their geographic region during this age because Jesus didn’t expel them. 

He Commanded the Unclean Spirit Come Out

Luke 8:26–31
Luke 8:27 adds that the man “had demons and for a considerable time had not worn clothes and did not live in a house, but among the tombs”. And in Luke 8:29 “he would be driven by the demon into the deserted places”. This was an unclean spirit in Mark and Matthew, here called a demon.

“Daemons are spoken of as spiritual beings (Matt. 8:16; 10:1; 12:43–45) at enmity with God, and as having a certain power over man (James 2:19; Rev. 16:14). They recognize our Lord as the Son of God (Matt. 8:29; Luke 4:41). They belong to the number of those angels that “kept not their first estate,” “unclean spirits,” “fallen angels,” the angels of the devil (Matt. 25:41; Rev. 12:7–9). They are the “principalities and powers” against which we must “wrestle” (Eph. 6:12)”.1

Swine Herd Possessed

Mark 5:9-20
Matthew 8:30-34
Luke 8:32-39 

Come Out of the Man

Mark 5:9–20
Jesus had said in Mark 5:8 “Come out of the man, unclean spirit!” but got back talk. The spirit answered Jesus in Mark 5:7 “do not torment me!”. So in Mark 5:9 Jesus “was asking him, “What is your name?” We learn here that a person can be possessed. We also learn that a person can be possessed by more than one spirit, in fact there can be many. And they will only obey if they are required to. Jesus had to call them by name and tell them to go. But Jesus just told them to come out of the man. They didn’t have any right to possess the man’s body. Apparently, they had a right to be in the region because Jesus didn’t tell them to go away from there. This legion, these unclean spirits prefer to have their own host because they asked to be sent to the herd of swine. But they immediately drove the swine into the sea where they all drowned. The legion of unclean spirits were disembodied again. They were the danger to the man , and to the swine, and to anyone that would allow them access to their life.

In Mark 5:14-15 “the herdsmen (those responsible for the swine) fled and reported it in the town”. They had no idea what just happened. They had just lost their means for living. So, they ran to tell the people of the town “And they (the towns people) came to Jesus and saw the demon-possessed man sitting there clothed and in his right mind … and they were afraid”. And, in Mark 5:17 “they urged him (Jesus) to depart”. 

They Implored Him That He Would Depart

Matthew 8:30–34
Jesus had freed the region of these violent men that prevented anyone from passing on this road and they ask Jesus to leave. As one commentary says, ‘All down the ages the world has been refusing Jesus because it prefers its pigs.’No mention is made (in Matthew) of the cured men and their mission to their own people.2

The Demons Entered Into the Pigs

Luke 8:32–39
These unruly beings, these beings without restraint, caused the death of their hosts. This gives testimony to the will of man to live and the right of man for free will. Even these who possessed this man, could not kill him. We are told in 1 Peter 5:8-9 Be sober; be on the alert. Your adversary the devil walks around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. 9 Resist him, steadfast in your faith …

Woman with An Issue of Blood

Mark 5:21-34
Matthew 9:18-22
Luke 8:40-48

Jairus Pleas for His Daughter

Mark 5:35-43
Matthew 9:23-26
Luke 8:49-56

Study Verses

Today’s Reading

  • Mark 5:1-43
  • Matthew 8:28-34
  • Matthew 9:18-26
  • Luke 8:26-56

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