Service Type: Teaching

Bible teaching and discipleship using frequent references and contextual background.

Set the Captives Free

Noemi and Eric Ross

God created the universe, and everything that is. He created the material realm that we live in and know through our senses. He also created in the spiritual realm where he exists, other creatures. The ones we hear most about…

Great Grace Was on Them All Message

Noemi and Eric Ross

Acts 4:33 And with great power the apostles were giving testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was on them all. Isn’t this the report we would all like to have of our lives and in…

Man to Man – A Commission

Noemi and Eric Ross

“Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” This is the great commission spoken by Jesus Himself. In other words, Jesus Christ is commissioning His followers…

Finding God’s Blessing

Noemi and Eric Ross

Onesimus accepted Christ and was happily serving Paul in Rome but now, somehow, his history with Philemon comes out. Onesimus is a runaway slave. Once Paul is aware of this, it was necessary that Onesimus repair this breach in his…

Living in Love

Noemi and Eric Ross

There are practical actions for us to take as we live the Christian life. The first of these is our own personal walk with God. We can find this in these verses in Romans 12:1-2 which are widely quoted, “present…

Man on Probation

Noemi and Eric Ross

There are many great philosophers that have conjectured about who God is and the purpose of life. Many people have offered their ideas about who God is and there have been many debates about his nature and particularly about his…

He Began To Teach Them

Noemi and Eric Ross

What did Jesus teach His followers? We often hear about the Apostles and many times the word Apostle and Disciple are used for the same twelve, but Jesus had more than twelve disciples, he had more than twelve followers. His…

The Law of The Lord

Noemi and Eric Ross

What does it mean to be blessed? Is a person blessed because of what God does or has done? Or is a person blessed because of what they do or have done? Two kinds of men (people) are found in…

This Gospel

Noemi and Eric Ross

This message is about the gospel that was preached that caused either many to believe or others to be hardened. Some accept this word and believe and are baptized and receive Christ. Some refuse, and rebel, and stir up trouble…

Have Faith in God

Noemi and Eric Ross

This message is about living the Christian life. It isn’t a snap your fingers message, this is about fulfilling God’s plan and purpose for your life and fulfilling that work until the end.

One Body

Rev Joseph Cohen

By some accounts, there are 2.2 billion Christians, and 1.1 billion of them are Catholics, then there are other religions that name the name of God, and then there are other religions. What does the Bible say about being a…

We That Are Strong

Noemi and Eric Ross

There is an unstated expectation here in Romans 15:1-3 that there are those in the Church that are strong. And there is a key difference between the strong in the world and the strong in the Church who are to…