About Tell One

Tell One is on a mission to share the gospel around the world. This is accomplished through individual, local, state and national initiatives that inspire individual proclamation of the “Good News” of Jesus Christ.

Join us in establishing http://tellone.org as a rally point for Christians interested in furthering the gospel. With support from prayer partners and fellow Christians, Tell One is teaching and mentoring people to share their faith in God through Jesus Christ.

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Here are a few sample Devotions

  • Doing the Will of God From the Heart May 21, 2019
    Many have written about what the Lords want from us, and still, many are unsure about how they can please him. Many use authority and obedience and sacrifice and service but there is something simpler, something everyone can excel at and that is described in Ephesians 5:18b–20 “be filled by the Spirit, 19 speaking to ...
  • What Will Be The Sign September 24, 2019
    As the disciples are walking through the temple courts with Jesus they are admiring the buildings. Jesus refocuses their attention by saying in Matthew 24:2 “not one stone will be left here on another stone that will not be thrown down!” They come to him later and ask in Matthew 24:3 “Tell us, when will ...
  • The Light of Israel September 17, 2018
    The Lord will bring judgement with justice and righteousness for those that are oppressed. And he will show himself strong against those that are arrogant with intent to destroy as the king of Assyria is described in Isaiah 10:7 “For it is in his heart to destroy and to cut off not a few nations”. ...