About Tell One

Tell One is on a mission to share the gospel around the world. This is accomplished through individual, local, state and national initiatives that inspire individual proclamation of the “Good News” of Jesus Christ.

Join us in establishing http://tellone.org as a rally point for Christians interested in furthering the gospel. With support from prayer partners and fellow Christians, Tell One is teaching and mentoring people to share their faith in God through Jesus Christ.

Registered users can go to your dashboard to update your profile and content.

Here are a few sample Devotions

  • The Progress of the Gospel August 13, 2018
    Paul lived his life for the gospel since he encountered the Lord on the road to Damascus. And now, after all of his missionary journeys, he went back to Jerusalem knowing this trouble was waiting for him. But Paul was in God’s perfect will. A great Christian man went to be with the Lord this ...
  • You Must Not Deceive Yourselves November 29, 2018
    Zedekiah was made king by Nebuchadnezzar and for three years served him, but then rebelled. The Chaldeans encamped around Jerusalem and there seemed no way out. Zedekiah sought help from Egypt and as Pharaohs army approached, the Chaldeans left. But the word of the Lord had already been given and is now repeated, in Jeremiah ...
  • Where is Your Faith January 10, 2019
    We may think that Jesus was personally wealthy, but that isn’t what is indicated here. It seems that there were people, not his disciples, that were following him and supporting his work in Luke 8:2-3 “some women” and “many others who were helping to support them from their possessions”. After ministry to crowds, Jesus went ...
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