About Tell One

Tell One is on a mission to share the gospel around the world. This is accomplished through individual, local, state and national initiatives that inspire individual proclamation of the “Good News” of Jesus Christ.

Join us in establishing http://tellone.org as a rally point for Christians interested in furthering the gospel. With support from prayer partners and fellow Christians, Tell One is teaching and mentoring people to share their faith in God through Jesus Christ.

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Here are a few sample Devotions

  • I Grin Over My Enemies February 28, 2019
    Naomi and Ruth suffer great loss and Ruth gives up her family and culture and religion to return to Bethlehem. But God opens a way for them and has Boaz waiting. They are redeemed and the Lord gives them back the love they had lost. Hannah also has great sorrow because she cannot have children. ...
  • The Righteousness of God Through Faith in Jesus Christ July 30, 2018
    Most people have an idea, a concept of what it means to be good. From the beginning though, God has revealed himself first in the things he has made, and then the Jews were “entrusted with the oracles of God”. Here, Paul says, in Romans 3:21–22a (LEB) But now, apart from the law, the righteousness ...
  • How Did This Evil Act Occur August 21, 2019
    What should have been a night of hospitality among his brother Israelites for a traveling Levite and his party ends with the rape and death of his concubine. We may not accept this relationship, yet the man was her husband in Judges 19:3 and he reacted badly not only to her death but to the ...